About MultiMedia AMDG

MultiMedia AMDG was established in Colorado Springs in 2015 to provide video editing as well as Graphic Design, Print Design, and Camera Work not only to area clients but also to national and international clients as well.

AMDG stands for Ad majorem Dei gloriam which means “For the greater glory of God”. I strive to honor God in all I do.

A fun fact about MMAMDG, was that the idea of the name was inspired by his father's company, Software AMDG (Under Construction), which develops Android apps and other software programs for a variety of companies.

On behalf of MultiMedia AMDG, I personally thank you for visiting my site and taking a look at my portfolio. Please feel free to send me feedback, comments, or talk about the next big hit on my Contact page.

I am available to be hired as a subcontractor, or as an employee.

Founder - Michael Jessop

Michael Jessop

When I'm not busy doing work for clients, I enjoy learning about other multimedia applications, improving my technical and aesthetic techniques, and experimenting with alternative media in order to produce unique,
state-of-the-art, multimedia presentations.

Radical Fish Games
Fox Entertainment
Challanger Homes
Wildwood Casino
Pikes Peak National Banks
DIY Fence Installation Tools
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Face Value Esthetics
Peak Chaos

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"The timing, the hard work, the commitment to quality, the innovative ability that went into the projects demonstrates more than just creative and technical competence but also the ability to project manage large-scale projects and international projects."

- Richard

Senior Software Engineer
Metis Technology Solutions
NASA Contractor

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